Gasparics Festival in Vienna

28 Oktober 2019

(PM EWHL) European Women’s Hockey League: Fanni Gasparics (MAC Budapest) scores 5 goals in the Supercup duel Sabres – MAC which ends 1-6 finally…

So the EWHL Supercup defending Champion EHV Sabres Vienna is practically out of the race for reaching the final 4 tournament this season. There is just one theoretical chance left for the Austrians but this is not really realistic anymore. On the other side the door for the Hungarians is now open as they have it still in their own hands to qualify.

In league KMH Budapest stays unbeaten with a clear 6-0 against KEHV Lakers. And in Salzburg goalie Allison Carter stopped 48 pucks to give her team a 2-1 overtime win against Hvidovre IK Selects while forward Sophia Volgger used two out of 19 Eagles‘ shots to secure these two points.