MAC in Copenhagen

24 November 2019

(PM EWHL) European Women’s Hockey League: while KMH took the first place in the league standings from Aisulu last night, Hvidovre IK Selects will play in Allan Villadsen Ishockey Arena against still unbeaten MAC Budapest on coming weekend…

For the Danish team it will be the games no. 3 and 4 on real home ice, for the strong league newcomer MAC it will be the first real huge road trip in EWHL. Looking at the results so far the Hungarians will have the role of the favourites as they have a maximum of 15 points out of 5 games so far. Another road weekend far from home is waiting for the Vienna Sabres in Bolzano / Egna. And after a tough start points against the Italians are a must for the Austrians if they want to keep their chance for a Final 4 Qualification alive. In Salzburg the Eagles will go for points against the KEHV Lakers on Saturday. Even though it’s a duel 4th against 9th a hard fight over 60 or more minutes can be expected in this inner-Austrian „derby match“.

The next games:

Friday, November 22, 2019:
20.00 / 08.00 p.m.: DEC Salzburg Eagles (AUT) – ESC Planegg (GER)*
Eisarena Salzburg; Referees: Sporer Manfred; Pfau Andreas, Priller Wolfgang (EWHL Supercup)
*) Planegg is officially the home team

Saturday, November 23, 2019:
09.15 / 09.15 a.m.: Aisulu Almaty (KAZ) – KMH Budapest (HUN)
Aichfeldhalle Zeltweg; Referees: Bärnthaler Christoph; Angerer Bettina, Rother Florian (EWHL Supercup)

17.00 / 05.00 p.m.: EVB Eagles South Tyrol (ITA) – EHV Sabres Vienna (AUT)
Palaonda Bolzano; Referees: Cristeli Matthias; Ebnicher Nora, Cusin Federico (EWHL League)

17.25 / 05.25 p.m.: Hvidovre IK Selects (DEN) – MAC Budapest (HUN)*   => LIVE on
Allan Villadsen Ishockey Arena; Referees: Engelhart Martin; Troelsen Lasse, Lybaek Loise (EWHL League)
*) MAC is officially the home team

19.15 / 07.15 p.m.: DEC Salzburg Eagles (AUT) – KEHV Lakers (AUT)
Eisarena Salzburg; Legat Konrad; Kainberger Julia, Panholzer Florian (EWHL League)

20.00 / 08.00 p.m.: ERC Ingolstadt (GER) – ECDC Memmingen (GER)   => LIVE on
Saturn Arena; Referees: TBA (EWHL Supercup)

Sunday, November 24, 2019:
12.00: EVB Eagles South Tyrol (ITA) – EHV Sabres Vienna (AUT)*
Würtharena Neumarkt/Egna; Referees: Ricco Stefano; Ebnicher Nora, Fecchio Federico (EWHL League)
*) Sabres are officially the home team

14.40 / 02.40 p.m.: Hvidovre IK Selects (DEN) – MAC Budapest (HUN)   => LIVE on
Allan Villadsen Ishockey Arena; Referees: Andersen Bo; Repstock-Romme Cassandra, Lybaek Loise (EWHL League)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019:
17.15 / 05.15 p.m.: DEC Salzburg Eagles (AUT) – Aisulu Almaty (KAZ)
Eisarena Salzburg; Referees: Kontschieder Kevin; Oberhuber Alexander, Wiggins David (EWHL League)