EWHL Final 4 in Spittal/Drau

01 März 2020

(PM EWHL) European Women’s Hockey League: the top 4 teams in EWHL will meet each other in Spittal an der Drau (Austria) on coming weekend for the big league showdown…

And for the second time in league history the final 4 tournament will be played in a place without a team from that country participating. This happened for the one and only time in 2015-16 where the tournament was played in Vipiteno / Italy with Vienna, Salzburg, Almaty and KMH. That was also the only year, where two teams from the same country qualified for the gold medal game (Vienna and Salzburg) – the same could happen this year even with two teams from the same town: MAC and KMH Budapest.

In first semi final MAC Budapest will play against the EVB Eagles South Tyrol. MAC was the big surprise this season as they managed to win the preliminary round as a newcomer. While the Eagles from South Tyrol had a season like a rollercoaster: except first place they had all possible rankings through preliminary round. After they managed just one point against Vienna Sabres in the direct duel they were almost out. But then they came back with a road win in Budapest against KMH after an almost one year winning streak of the Hungarians. Afterwards they used a Sabres home loss to finally grab fourth place. And even though MAC won both direct duels so far (4-2 and 6-1) – the semis on Saturday will for sure show a battle on highest level.

By looking at the Head2Head Stats also the second semi-final game shows a clear favourite: KMH Budapest. The Hungarians won already the EWHL Supercup without loosing even one game. And they beat Aisulu three times in three games with 5-2, 3-2 and 3-1. Besides KMH is titleholder while Almaty could never qualify for the gold medal game so far. However – it’s all about one game. And in one game everything can happen…

The next games:
Saturday, February 29, 2020:
15.40 / 03.40 p.m.: MAC Budapest (HUN) – EVB Eagles South Tyrol (ITA)

Eis-Sport-Arena Spittal an der Drau; Referees: Dreier Alexander, Holzer Daniel; Klemm Anja, Kostynski Daniel
18.40 / 06.40 p.m.: KMH Budapest (HUN) – Aisulu Almaty (KAZ)
Eis-Sport-Arena Spittal an der Drau; Referees: Altersberger Roland, Heinricher Christian; Klemm Anja, Preissegger Fabian

Sunday, March 1, 2020:
10.10 / 10.10 a.m.: Bronze Medal Game
Eis-Sport-Arena Spittal an der Drau; Referees: Kummer Stefan, Wuntschek Dominik; Jopp Gerhard, Preissegger Fabian

13.10 / 01.10 p.m.: Gold Medal Game
Eis-Sport-Arena Spittal an der Drau; Referees: Kainberger Julia, Wassermann Michael; Baumer Michael, Wucherer Gerald