KMH Supercup Champion 2021-22

Feb 21, 2022 | EWHL

European Women’s Hockey League: in the final game for the EWHL Supercup 2021-22 KMH Budapest won 3-2 against the Sabres from Vienna and could celebrate the third title in this competition…

The Austrians who also won the Cup three times in EWHL history were a great opponent in a high class final game which was a great advertisement for women’s hockey in general. The trophy for the third place was awarded to ESC Planegg from Germany after their 7-5 win against Neuchatel Hockey Academy from Switzerland. And the individual trophies were given to Selma Luggin (Sabres / best goalkeeper) and Julia Zorn (Planegg / best goal & point scorer).

Bericht: PM EWHL

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