Planned Game Time vs. Real Game Time

Dez 3, 2023 | EWHL

European Women’s Hockey League (EWHL): the game between Almaty and Graz was planned at 1.30 p.m. … and was played at 07.30 p.m. finally…

Snow chaos in Austria caused big troubles on Saturday… also for playing a planned EWHL game in time! Originally the task looked easy: Aisulu Almaty should travel exactly 92,8 kilometres between their hotel and the Merkur Arena in Graz. But suddenly they were stuck in a huge traffic jam. No vehicles moved anymore for more than 2 hours. Finally they had to turn and take another way. And instead of 11.30 a.m. they arrived in Graz finally around 5 p.m. The Huskies on the other side had planned a nice event for that game, but in the end they had to do the event without the hockey game. Wait for the opponent. And wait all day. And when finally both parts were ready they took advantage of a similar story – in Austrian men’s 3rd league it was planned that (ATSE) Graz should play Zeltweg. But as Aisulu before them also the EVZ did not manage to come to Graz in a normal time and so the ice was free for the postponed EWHL game. All together those fans who were still there got rewarded with a great hockey game, 10 beautiful goals and lots of other action incl. a fight. In the end Graz won 7-3 and did another step towards a better ranking.

In Salzburg the KSV Neuberg Highlanders were trailing 0-2 already but then turned the game in their own favour to succeed with a 3-2 road win. After 2 consecutive wins against the Eagles the Highlanders already have 7 points now and are just one point below 8th ranked BJA. In meantime SKP Bratislava and Hokiklub Budapest earned their 3 points after clear wins…

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