Sabres in Play Offs

Feb 3, 2024 | EWHL

European Women’s Hockey League (EWHL): the SKN Sabres St. Pölten beat Budapest Jegkorong Akademia 5-1 and with that result they earned their play off spot…

The KEHV Lakers did an important win on the road against Tauron Metropolia Silesia – with their 2-0 in Poland and the loss of BJA they are now 4 points ahead of their hardest competitors from Hungary. SKP Bratislava could take 3 points from Graz after a 3-2 road win, is now on second place. Leader HKB beat the Salzburg Eagles 5-1 and stays undefeated.

Concerning the race for the play offs that means that Hokiklub Budapest, Bratislava, Silesia, Sabres and Almaty are already “safe” and in, while Salzburg and Neuberg will for sure end their EWHL season at the end of the preliminary round. MAC and Graz need a maximum of 3 more points to make the play offs for sure though normally their 29 points should already be enough. And the Lakers have now 4 points more than BJA with 3 games left for both teams – and every point they can earn more brings the Austrians closer to a final top 8 position.

Bericht: PM EWHL


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